Tuesday night's episode of "Prison Break "Season 5 was well worth the wait. The action and adventure that made the first 4 seasons a hit is back. It made up for the slow beginning of the first 3 episodes. Unexpected twists and turns are what make this show so endearing to fans.The ground work has now been laid. Let the "Poseidon Adventure' begin.

Who is the mastermind?

T-Bag wants to know who paid for his million dollar surgery. He questions Kellerman about who is pulling strings, and gets the name Poseidon. A few moments later Kellerman is shot, but T-Bag escapes.

Kellerman has been at death's door before, so viewers have no idea if this is truly goodbye. He was last seen on the floor bleeding from the back chest and mouth after the assassin put another bullet in him. The man and woman who are doing all the shooting have a conversation and mention the name Poseidon.

Immediately after that happens, an Asian man is shown. The implication would be that he is the puppet master, pulling all the strings. Is he behind all of the adventure and intrigue?

On the other side of the world, Michael and his new buddies have made their way out of prison, and are fighting off their enemies. Link is running all over the place in Yemen and keeps missing his brother. Eventually they reunite, and it is a touching moment.

They also are trying to figure out who the power player is.

Sarah is about to get a big reveal

T-Bag seems sincere about turning his life around, but you never can tell with him. He follows the male and female assassins who shot Kellerman. These same two shot Sarah's husband in the leg in the first episode of season 5.

As T-Bag is getting photos with his cell phone, he notices a third man with them — he's just out of view because of a tree.

When he gets a glimpse of the face, T-Bag is stunned. He has in his hand proof positive that Sarah has been sleeping with the enemy. Her husband, the man who is helping to raise her son, is actually working with the people who shot him.

Loyal fans always knew that Sarah's spouse would eventually be removed from the canvas, so that she would reunite with Michael.

When he was shot it looked as if he would die in the first episode, but he did not. Knowing her history, Sarah most likely will not remain with her spouse, pretending all is well.

She will she probably take little Michael and run. And somehow, some way, even though they are world's apart, Sarah and Michael will connect. He will make it out of Yemen, and reunite with his wife, and see his son for the first time. Of course there will have to be more incarcerations and prison breaks. That's what it is all about.