"The Bachelor" star Chris Soules is not having a good week. His arrest for a hit and run, death resulting, shocked fans and co-stars who are wondering if Chris will serve time in prison. On Tuesday, Chris' mother put up $10,000 bond for his bail, but that doesn't mean he's off the hook for the accident that left a 66-year-old man dead.

According to USA Today Chris is now wearing an ankle monitor and he is not allowed to leave the state of Iowa without permission. In addition to the ankle bracelet, the "Bachelor" star had to hand over his passport.

That's puts a major cramp in any travel plans Soules might have, including a rumored appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise."

Chris Soules is devastated

As you can imagine, Chris and his family are pretty shaken up about the whole mess. His rep released a statement that said he is "devastated" that the accident led to the death of a Kenneth Mosher. Although they didn't know each other well, they knew of each other. The victim lived on a farm that borders the Soules' family farm in Arlington. Mosher, who died shortly after rescue personnel arrived at the scene of the accident, leaves behind his wife and two children.

Class D felony may lead to serious prison time

Although he's out on bail, Chris has a long legal road ahead.

His first hearing is scheduled for May 2. At that time, the judge will determine if the case will go to trial. It all depends on how he pleads. CNN reports that Chris gave officers a hard time when they came to arrest him after the hit and run.

Police waited hours for a warrant — Soules didn't give himself up. Leaving the scene, being uncooperative, and reports that there were open alcohol containers in his truck all point to some tough times ahead for the Bachelor star.

In Iowa, a Class D felony can lead to as much as five years of jail time and a fine between $700 - $7500.

Was Chris driving under the influence?

Investigators have revealed that in the coming days they will have more information about the accident. Their investigation could reveal that Chris Soules was drinking while driving, something that would add a driving under the influence charge to the case.

During his arraignment, the judge did not mention open bottles of alcohol that are rumored to have been in his pickup truck. There is no word on whether or not a breathalyzer test was given to Chris when he was arrested. Expect that information to come out in the coming weeks.

Chris Soules appeared on "The Bachelorette" (Andi Dorfman's season) and then became "The Bachelor" known as "Prince Farming." Since then, Chris has appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" and "Worst Cooks in America."