After massive speculations and a very long wait, finally, the highly anticipated action-drama series is making a comeback in "Prison Break" season 5. Recently, the show dropped another preview, and it revealed the details that most fans have been dying to know.


It can be recalled that in the season finale, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) died inside the prison. The character as revealed in the show is alive. He is, however, locked up in a prison cell located in Yemen.

The show's premiere also revealed that he appears determined to let go of his previous life.

When T-Bag (Robert Knepper) was released from the prison, he was given a letter, which revealed to him the truth. The letter contained Michael's picture that triggered T-Bang to relay the information to Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), Michael's brother.

The news was received as a joke until it was proven accurate when he went up and dug his brother's remains in the cemetery. The grave revealed to him a coffin without a body, just his brother's coat and a name tag belonging to Kaniel Outis. He then revealed what he found out to Sara (Sarah Wayne Callis), his deceased brother's wife who would also not want to believe the news.

Sara married another man eight years after Miller's character died. They reexamined the photo handed by T-Bang where they discovered the word Ogygia.

They later found out that the name refers to a prison in Yemen. Lincoln together with C-Note, wanting to know the truth decided to go to the place to know for himself is indeed his brother was there.


Upon reaching the Ogygia, the place revealed in the picture, they inquired about his brother's whereabouts, but the guard informed them that there was no prisoner with that name.

However, when they showed his photo, the prison guard identified him and remarked that tehy are referring to Outis. After several minutes, Outis was revealed and denied he knew his visitor. When he turned his back as he goes back inside the jail, anyone can see that he is just trying to fight back his tears.

Next episode

The next episode of "Prison Break" season 5 is titled "Kaniel Outis." In the upcoming episode, Outis and his co-prisoners will try to break out from Ogygia.

On the other hand, his brother and C-Note will be on a mission in search for the Sheik of Light. Meanwhile, Sara's investigation will lead her to cross paths with Paul Kellerman, which will be portrayed by Paul Adelstein. The entire "Prison Break" Season 5 will run nine episodes and will air every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT. Viewers can watch it on Fox.