It looks like "Orange Is The New Black" season 5 might be getting an earlier air date than its expected date because a hacker is allegedly holding a stolen copy of the upcoming season. "OITNB" is considered to be one of Netflix's flagship series and it has been treated as a hostage by the unidentified hacker after his demands were reportedly ignored by the streaming service company. Fans of the series were in a frenzy when alleged leaked episodes were shared by the cybercriminal on Pirate Bay. However, news outlets revealed that the authenticity of the said leaked episodes remains unconfirmed as of writing.

However, whether the authenticity of the leaked "Orange Is The New Black" season 5 episodes are confirmed or not, the online frenzy has shooked the cast, crew and production team of the series. According to reports, the first ten episodes for "OITNB" season 5 were uploaded by an individual who goes by the username "thedarkoverlord."

More than spoilers - hacker uploads season premiere episode

It was a horror of all sorts for the production crew as the season premiere for "Orange Is The New Black" has been uploaded on Pirate Bay since Friday. Originally, the season premiere was scheduled on June 9, 2017.

However, with the massive leakage and viral spreading of the hacked videos, it would be likely that Netflix might be moving the season premiere air date to an earlier date.

That said, the streaming company is reportedly on identifying the person behind "thedarkoverlord."

Hacker boasts more stolen episodes from different channels

According to reports, "thedarkoverlord" also boasted that episode leaks from big channels/networks are also in his possession. IFC, ABC, National Geographic channel and FOX are just some of the mentioned networks that are reportedly in the cybercriminal's pipeline.

For those who are wondering how the hacker managed to get his hands on highly-confidential copies, the files have been allegedly stolen when the Larson Studio attack took place in 2016.

"Orange Is The New Black" originally consists of 13 episodes but the hacker has reportedly managed to obtain 10 episodes illegally. Amid all the leaked episodes chaos, Netflix broke its silence and admitted that they are aware of the situation. “We are aware of the situation. A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”