Online streaming service Netflix is notoriously secretive of its original content, keeping shows tightly under wraps until being launched by the highly-profitable company. Unfortunately, along with 100 million worldwide subscribers, the company has allegedly attracted the attention of a much more nefarious viewer -- a hacker claiming to have the entire 5th season of "Orange Is The New Black" along with episodes of other series from Netflix and other studios.

F.B.I. is reportedly investigating breach

Ahead of the premiere of "Orange is the New Black" on June 9th, an alleged hacker calling him- or herself "The Dark Overlord" has claimed to have uploaded the first episode of the new season to an illegal file sharing website.

The upload is thought to be proof they are in possession of more ill-gotten episodes. Early reports from the Associated Press say they can not authenticate the file at this time.

According to a ransom note posted on the encrypted dark web, the hacker claims to have stolen episodes from several sought-after series after breaching a single company. In response to the blackmail allegations, Netflix told the AP, "A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved."

It is not yet known who the hacked vendor is and it should be noted that no Netflix membership accounts seem to have been affected by the hack.

In the online message, the person who posted it threatens to release more episode files online if Netflix refuses to pay a "modest" random. According to the company, the F.B.I. is involved and treating the blackmail threat as an "active situation".

Award winning series ended season with cliffhanger

The 4th season of prison dramedy "Orange is the New Black" has held fans in suspense since being released in June 2016 and the early appearance of a new episode could cause a frenzy online.

The season finale ended with a series regular holding a gun towards the head of a prison guard, with other inmates encouraging her to pull the trigger.

Since premiering in 2013, the series has won 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Comedy Series and has been nominated for 14 Emmy Awards.

Actress Uzo Aduba has won 2 Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress as the character Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. The show is widely acclaimed by critics, both for its writing and portrayal of LGBTQ characters on television.

More news will be available here, as the hacking story develops.