While many people in the world know who Oprah Winfrey is, there are some who don't know who she is. This caught Oprah by surprise on Thursday when she was willing to pay a kid $10 if he knew who she is. It was Oprah's way of having fun with the one of the many children who showed up on her set on Thursday, April 27, 2017 when it was "Bring Your Child to Work Day."

On Oprah's set

Many parents who work for OWN brought their kids to work with them on Thursday. Kids of all ages celebrated the occasion by seeing where their parents work and observing them at the jobs.

Since so many kids were milling around, Oprah decided to interact with them. When the 63-year-old media mogul asked a child of one of her employees who she was, the young child had no idea. Oprah was surprised because even though she is a household name with adults and older children, not everyone knows who she is. Surely, she thought the boy knows since his father works for her.

Oprah gave the kid a big clue. She said her name starts with an "O." When she was sure the boy really didn't know who she is, she repeated her name several times slowly hoping it would ring a bell. However, the boy still appeared to be dumbfounded and didn't have a clue. In fact, he didn't seem to care. In the end, the boy missed out on getting $10 and got only a high five from Oprah instead.

Some news outlets reported the boy's age as 10 or 11; however, from photos and the video clip, he looks much younger.

Social media reaction

The well-known celebrity got a good laugh out of the situation. She thought it was so funny that she shared the encounter on Instagram. While Oprah might have thought the exercise was funny enough to post, some people didn't think it was funny at all.

One person described it as "narcissistic crap." Another person described it as a self-centered act that proves she thinks the world revolves around her. Others thought it was an embarrassment to the child's father who works for Oprah.

It is not such a big shock that the boy didn't know who Oprah is. He hadn't even been born when her daytime talk show was on the air for 25 years.

He probably has not paid attention to any of her Weight Watchers commercials. Surely, he has not watched any of the adult movies in which she has starring roles. Kids at that age are watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" and other kids shows on Nickelodeon. Besides, the little boy might have been spellbound the way Oprah was bending over him and yelling. People expected more from Oprah than she displayed in the video.