Ok, guys. We've got the new, official spoilers in for the upcoming "Designated Survivor" episode 15 of it's current season 1 from the ABC marketing team. They gave us two very interesting storyline scoops. Apparently, we're going to see Hannah get caught up in quite a bit of trouble at some point when she stumbles into a dangerous trap. Elsewhere, we'll be seeing President Kirkman attempt to put his agenda into action, but Alex tries to thwart it, and more!

It's "One Hundred Days"

They also delivered up the title for this installment. It turns out that the producers have named it: "One Hundred Days." In their official plot summary, they pointed out in, all-caps, that we're going to see President Kirkman get hit with a huge, political firestorm when he attempts to roll out his first policy initiatives.

Controversial statement

They went on to elaborate on that storyline by telling us that Kirkman will have plans set in motion to release an agenda to reset his presidency. However, he is going to run into some pretty heavy problems while trying to do so, because we'll see Alex show up on the scene and deliver a public statement that turns out to be very controversial. As a result, this statement will definitely threaten to derail the President's goal. What will Alex's damaging statement entail? Will it actually be damaging enough to derail the whole got damn thing? Those will be the big questions for this situation. One thing that we do know for sure, is that we should definitely get some very drama-filled scenes out of this scenario.

She's in big,big trouble

Then in this last storyline scoop, we've got FBI agent, Hannah Wells, back on the scene. However, she will not be in the greatest of situations. In fact, it will be a very, very bad situation as they tell us that's she's going to unknowingly stumble into some sort of really dangerous trap, just as she gets even closer to discovering the truth.

Will this dangerous trap be the end of Hannah? Or will she find a way to get out of this crazy mess? They didn't give us any intel about that, but maybe they'll show us some new details in the new promo clip that's expected to release later on tonight after episode 14 gets done airing. Be sure to lookout for that.

Episode 15 was written by Dana Ledoux, and Ken Fink directed it. It's also been confirmed that we'll be seeing this one hit the airwaves on Wednesday night, April 5th, 2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.