Last night, ABC came through in flying colors, delivering this very action-filled, intense new preview/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" episode 18 of the current season 4. In this one, we've got some new footage of May and Mace, sparring it out to the max. Jemma and Ward are spotted in high intense running action. The evil version of Fitz is seen, shooting folks in the head at point blank range. Poor Daisy is spotted, looking all battered and bruised. There's some new weapons for May to use, and they will apparently have someone begging for their life, and so much, freaking more!

As previously reported, the title of this epic episode is: "No Regrets."

Daisy is all beat up

The new clip starts off with a scene that features May, talking about a new weapon that may be in play. Quickly after that, there's another scene with May, being told that she's going to have The Patriot, begging for his freaking life! Next, we get a scene that features Fitz and Aida in action. We also see Fitz, saying: "This is my home. I'm not going to let you destroy it." There's also a glimpse of a very beat-up Daisy in one of the scenes.

He would never do that

From there, we're fed some scenes that features Ward and Jemma Simmons in action. She's seen, answering Ward's question of: "how do you know you're not the one, waking up to reality?" She replies with: "Because the man I love, would never execute someone in cold blood!" Right after that, we see a very disturbing scene that features Fitz, shooting someone at point blank range while wearing a very nice suit.

Injected with serum

After that, we're shown a flurry of different scenes. One of them features May, getting injected with some sort of serum, and it doesn't look like she likes it. That's followed by a huge fight scene between her and Mace. And he totally gets his butt kicked, telling her: "someone's been juicing. Unless, of course, you're one of us now." After that, the clip caps off with an intense stare-down between the two of them.

How will this big fight scene end? What are they going to do about Fitz in this framework reality? Those are a couple of big questions for this episode. Unfortunately, they didn't show the answers in this clip. However, we are expecting to see two other, sneak peek clips to get released later on this week, which may give us some extra details.

Be sure to look out for those. Check out the new preview clip, below, and stay tuned. As previously reported, episode 18 is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, April 18th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC.