Ok, so we recently got the new,official press release in from ABC for their upcoming "Designated Survivor" episode 16 of season 1. The press release features two, very interesting storylines that lets us know that we're going to see a very unlikely alliance get formed by President Kirkman, so he can get a freaking bill passed. We're also going to see Hannah, back in action ,yet again, to confront Agent Ritter about a major threat!

It's "Party Lines"

We got a title for this thing, which is called: "Party Lines." They started off their press release, official synopsis description by putting in, all-caps, that President Kirkman and his staff are going to run into an extreme, uphill battle, trying to get his very first piece of legislation passed.

So, it sounds like this storyline will get a lot of attention.

First bill passed

They went on to elaborate on it, by telling us that President Kirkman is going to have some extremely high hopes of getting his first bill passed. In light of this heavy desire, he is going to form an alliance that will apparently be pretty shocking as they describe this alliance as being unlikely. Will this alliance work out for Kirkman? Or will it fall short? What is this bill that he wants to get passed so badly? Those are the big questions for this scenario. One thing that we do know for sure, is that we should get some pretty intriguing scenes out of it.

She tells Agent Ritter

Next, they gave us this last storyline reveal, which lets us know that we'll be seeing the beautiful Agent Hannah Wells, back on the scene, trying to make sure that Agent Ritter is aware of a very dangerous threat to the nation that she's apparently uncovered.

They tell us that she's going to brief Ritter on it. How will he respond? What exactly is this new threat? Unfortunately, they didn't reveal any of that info this description, so it looks like we'll have to actually wait for this one to air to find out all that good intel. However, do keep an eye out for the new preview clip that's expected to follow tonight's airing of the 15th episode.

It should definitely reveal some extra details of what's to come. Episode 16 was written by Jenna Richman, and they got Mike Listo to direct it.

We can also confirm that episode 16 is currently due to arrive next Wednesday night, April 12th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.