A new season of "Southern Charm" is here and that means drama of course. Kathryn Dennis said she wouldn't be back on the show, but she is there again. Now Kathryn is causing drama once again by questioning the paternity of Jennifer Snowden's baby. It sounds like total lies and Jennnifer isn't happy at all.

What did Kathryn Dennis have to say?

Last season on "Southern Charm," Jennifer was on Kathryn Dennis' side, but it doesn't look like that is the way things are going to be going now. She even thought that Thomas Ravenel was being a bit hard on Kathryn.

Jennifer got pregnant and had a little boy back in September of 2016. Her son is adorable, and Jennifer has made it clear that the father is her long-time boyfriend, Lee. These two have known each other for ten years, and things are good for them. There is no reason to doubt who she is saying is the father of her child.

Now Kathryn Dennis is saying that she doesn't think she can fix her friendship with Jennifer Snowden. Kathryn didn't go to her baby shower at all, but her mom did send a maternity dress to Jennifer as a gift. This wasn't filmed for the show. It sounds like Kathryn might have been in rehab at the time of the shower.

So the rumors are that Kathryn said that Thomas Ravenel could be the father of Jennifer Snowden's baby.

Some people were saying that her baby looked like Kathryn's son Saint. Thomas and Jennifer stayed pretty quiet about this, but Jennifer has made it clear that Lee is the father of her son.

The fans would love if these two would talk about it on "Southern Charm" or if it was brought up on the reunion show. The thing is Jennifer Snowden is just considered a friend of the cast, and she isn't on there all the time.

It will be very interesting to see if any of this comes up on the show this season. The fans want to see Jennifer get the chance to defend herself against these rumors.

Jennifer Snowden is so upset about what Kathryn Dennis is doing that she has her lawyers involved in what is going on. She actually has them doing a cease and desist.

Several people from the show "Southern Charm" have been rushing to social networks to defend Jennifer. It would be really surprising if Kathryn Dennis had anyone left on her side.

Are you shocked to hear what Kathryn Dennis had to say about Jennifer Snowden? Do you think that there is any truth to it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Southern Charm" on Mondays on Bravo.