Kathryn Dennis will be featured during the upcoming 4th season of "Southern Charm." Weeks ago, Dennis shocked fans on Twitter when she revealed that she and Bravo TV were unable to come to an agreement for her return. Right away, many fans weighed in with their thoughts about the show sans-Dennis and some vowed to boycott the series if she wouldn't be on it.

Luckily, a lot has changed since Dennis' announcement and on October 25, Tamara Tattles confirmed Dennis had once again signed a contract to appear on the reality series. According to the report, Dennis has already begun filming for the show had been doing so with Eliza Limehouse, a new cast member for season four.

Kathryn Dennis made a quick name for herself during 'Southern Charm' season one

Although Kathryn Dennis was not featured in a full-time role during the 1st season of the show, her role was quickly increased as she and her co-star, Thomas Ravenel, began dating. As fans will recall, Dennis and Ravenel were involved in a whirlwind romance during "Southern Charm" season one and many months later, their first child, daughter Kensington, was born.

While Dennis and Ravenel's romance didn't exactly play out smoothly after the birth of their daughter, the couple ultimately rekindled their love after a split and in 2015, their second child, son Saint Julien, arrived. Although Dennis and Ravenel were certainly overjoyed at the birth of their second child, their happiness wasn't enough to salvage their relationship and they called it quits.

Kathryn Dennis has posted abouther return on Twitter

After news broke of Kathryn Dennis' season four return, the reality star and model took to Twitter, where she re-tweeted several happy messages from her many fans and supporters who were thrilled with the news of her season four role. In one message, a fan noted that the show would be a snooze fest without her and in another comment, a fan said that the backlash from news of her exit appeared to havechanged the minds of Bravo executives quite quickly.