"The Walking Dead" season 7 started off with a very gruesome death of two characters, namely, Glenn and Abraham. The excitement and anticipation of the rest of the episodes for season 7 were very high and the fans were all too ready to delve through their buckets of popcorn as the season progressed. There were even speculations that Glenn would be returning to later episodes, with a possible plot twist where it will be revealed that he has a twin. However, episodes have come and gone and Glenn had not re-appeared. Further, the viewers noticed that the episodes that followed the intense pilot were somewhat monotonous and lacking the fire that the fans were expecting.

That said, fans of the series are expecting that "The Walking Dead" season 8 will have to make up for the shortcomings of the previous season. As "The Walking Dead" spoilers reveal, the series will take a sharp turn into planet topsy-turvy. Alliances will be broken, new rivalries formed and several characters are reportedly on the death line-up.

Glenn's Return - Twin Brother Theory

As mentioned earlier, talks about Glenn's possible return have been widely talked about after the pilot episode. Albeit its high level of impossibility, fans were still toying with the idea that Glenn might return in "TWD" season 8 to get revenge on Negan and reveal the identities of several characters who have been traitors all along.

However, it will be Glenn's twin brother who will be taking vengeance into his own hands.

As Glenn died in the pilot episode of "TWD," fans believe that it is only fitting for him to return and give the viewers a shock in the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead" season 8. Showrunners have not confirmed this theory so it is highly advised to take the "Glenn is alive" theory with a grain of salt for now.

An explosive season 7 finale

While spoilers for the eighth season is already seeping its way into the internet, it's best to take note that season 7 finale has yet to be aired. This means that the spoilers and theories for "TWD" season 8 are all floating in the air and its fate will greatly depend on the season finale, which is expected to be a major cliffhanger to make way for the next season.

As of writing, AMC has yet to release the official "The Walking Dead" season 8 air date, but basing on the show's previous air dates, fans expect it on either Oct. 15 or Oct. 22. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates on AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic book series.