Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are very blunt about their views. They often speak at marriage retreats through churches, preaching about how a Christian marriage should work. At a recent event, comments made by Michelle Duggar were highlighted as a dig at her daughter-in-law Anna Duggar.

The scandals

Several scandals hit Josh Duggar in 2015. It was revealed that he had molested several young girls, some of them being his sisters. On top of that, it was revealed that he belonged to the infidelity site, Ashley Madison. Anna Duggar had just delivered their fourth child before the news of his ties to Ashley Madison were leaked.

Josh caused Jim Bob Duggar a lot of grief and he was sent to sex rehab in Illinois for six months to "get better."

Since then, Anna Duggar has been criticized for remaining with Josh Duggar. She is even expecting her fifth child with him. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar blame Anna for the path chosen by her husband. Indirectly they have both commented about the wife's duty to submit to her husband's desires and needs. It has been speculated that Jim Bob and Michelle believe Anna failed Josh and his misfortune has been because she has neglected his sexual desires.

Stand by your man

Anna Duggar has been coached to stand by her husband. She had every reason to divorce him and walk away, even within her religion.

Anna has chosen to remain by the side of Josh Duggar despite it all. They will welcome another son in a few months and have moved on with their lives. Instead of being a lobbyist or a reality star, Josh has become quite the used car salesman. He is reportedly doing well with the business and opened a second location.

There have been rumors that Anna Duggar and possibly Josh Duggar will be seen more on "Counting On" this season.

It would shock fans to see him on there after TLC banned him from appearing at all due to advertising issues. There has been no official premiere date given but the show will return to the TLC network sometime this summer.