In recent months Niantic has not stopped launching new updates for "Pokémon GO." However, in the last few hours the adrenaline has risen in users of "Pokémon GO," due to new information that has emerged in the last few moments related to a new major update arriving in the next days. Undoubtedly, players are waiting for news regarding the launch of the next big update of Niantic, which will bring new and interesting changes, especially in the Teams function.

The new changes in the game

Users of "Pokémon GO" will see some interesting changes in certain parts of the game.

As you know, last week, it was announced: the release of the Legendary Pokémon by Niantic, as well as the way they would be distributed in the game. This is something that has not yet fulfilled the expectations of the vast majority of players. However, according to new data filtered recently, finally, this long wait has reached its end, because in the coming days, we will be receiving a new update with new, interesting changes. According to the leaked information, the next major update of "Pokémon GO" will have drastic changes in terms of the role played by the teams, while enabling new and interesting features.

Others major changes to take into account

Another detail to take into account is the new appearance of the "Pokémon GO" Map, which will have the colored areas of the team that has control of the gym that surrounds it.

It should be noted that this new update includes interesting changes in the gyms, where users can share links, even at great distances.

Team missions

According to the portal of Slash Gear, the team missions are another part of the game that will benefit from this new update. According to the new information that has been leaked, it could be the Road Map toward releasing the first Legendary Pokémon into the game, although Niantic have yet to confirm officially their plan to do this.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.