The Duggar family came out with another announcement today. While fans have been anticipating another baby on the way, it was quite surprising to find out which couple was expecting this time around. Many believed Jinger Duggar would announce she was expecting her first child, but that is not how it went.

Anna Duggar is pregnant

After a few years of hard times, Anna Duggar is pregnant once again. This will be baby number five for her and Josh Duggar. The couple already has two sons and two daughters. While a due date was not revealed, the couple has chosen to release the sex of the baby to the public.

According to Us Weekly, Anna is having another little boy.

This has sent shock waves through fan pages and social media. The critics are spewing harsh words while the fans are praising Anna Duggar for rebuilding her marriage and standing behind Josh Duggar. After police reports were released that revealed he molested his siblings and then a few months later finding out he belonged to Ashley Madison, their marriage was in shambles. In between the two incidents in 2015, Anna gave birth to their youngest child Meredith.

One year out of rehab

This month marks one year of Josh Duggar being out of treatment. At the end of 2015 he decided to attend a faith-based rehabilitation center in Rockford, Illinois for sex addiction.

While he was there, Anna visited him. Rumors have been circulating for several months that the couple was expecting and finally, the announcement confirmed that was the case. Because Josh has been banned from appearing on "Counting On" because of sponsor issues, fans will not be able to follow the pregnancy like they have with the previous four children.

Fans are wishing the couple the best and hoping that Josh Duggar is a man redeemed. Anna Duggar has stood beside him through the darkest moments in their marriage. While it was possible that she could walk away, she remained true to her vows and worked through the bumps. After nearly two years of bad times, the Duggar family is ready to relish in the good times.