Jill and Derick Dillard are enjoying time in Central American on a Mission Trip, but they are dealing with a few issues as well. Jill just gave a big update on the family blog and shared that they recently had a death in the family. While away, Derick's grandpa passed away. Of course, the Dillards were not here when this happened and were also unable to come back for the funeral.

They called him "Paw Paw, " and Jill went on to explain that they really miss him a lot, but were lucky enough to have talked to him just a few weeks before his passing.

She shared they are comforted knowing he is with Jesus and also Derick's father in Heaven now. He was married to his wife for sixty-two years before his passing.

Who ended up sick on their mission trip?

Jill and Derick's son Israel has ended up ill while on this trip as well. She said that for five days he was not feeling well and also running a fever. He is doing better now, and Jill shared that they had a local friend bring them a meal during that time, which was very helpful. She didn't go on to say if they saw a doctor or anything during this time. Jill also revealed that her pregnancy has been going well and they are on the home stretch. They already shared that they are having a little boy once again.

Jill Dillard already shared a while back that they will be heading back to Arkansas before their baby is born. She didn't reveal how soon they are coming back, but the fans can't wait to know that they are back here and safe again. They do film "Counting On" no matter where they are at so that is exciting.

It sounds like the Dillard family had a great Easter.

She said that she made Easter/Resurrection Day cookies with Isreal and they shared these with people in the community. Jill also spoke out about people in their area that she would like everyone to pray for. It was a great update on the family, but very sad news with hearing that Israel had been sick and that Derick lost his grandpa recently.

The fans are sad to hear this news, but are also glad that Jill is giving updates on what is going on with them while they are gone.

Are you shocked to hear that the Dillards are dealing with sickness while away? Do you think it would be best if they came back to the United States now? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Counting On" this summer on TLC. They have confirmed it is coming back again, but still, haven't shared the exact date that the show will be back again.