TLC's Duggar family is "Counting On" big drama in the upcoming reality TV season. Jessa Seewald talks fears for her second baby, as pregnant sister Jill Dillard and husband Derick Dillard reveal a weird health scare. Meanwhile, back at the altar, Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo enjoy their first kiss. But one face is still conspicuously missing from the "19 Kids and Counting."

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo 'Counting On' first kiss

Folks saw Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo married in November, but the upcoming season covers Jinger's preparation for her nuptials.

This includes advice from sister Jill Duggar Dilllard on kissing. Why would the couple needs tips? Because the pair hasn't been any closer than a side hug during the courting process. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar keep their children at arm's length from each other, with Michelle Duggar sometimes sitting between them. So the wedding is literally their first kiss as man and wife (or ever). You'll get a hoot out of Jill Dillard's somewhat unclear tips on the reality television show.

Jill and Derick Dillard 'Counting On' answers

Back in Arkansas, from their Central America mission trip, the Dillards announce their second pregnancy. But the dad-to-be also reveals that he is seeking medical advice for a mysterious health scare.

Derick Dillard, a runner, has trouble breathing and often gags and throws up after a run. Is it GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), acid reflux, or maybe an asthma-related thing? These would be easier to treat and live with. With a busy toddler and a baby on the way, the young couple doesn't need one parent sick. Derrick and Jill Dillard hope the doctor will have some good news or easy workarounds.

Jessa and Ben Seewald 'Counting On' no sister

Jessa Duggar Seewald, far into her second pregnancy, shares that she's excited for her sister Jinger Vuolo's marriage, but not so crazy about her sister moving to Texas. Jeremy Vuolo is a pastor in Laredo and his new wife will, of course, join him. Mrs. Seewald confides she's sad that her sibling may miss the baby's birth.

Ben Seewald confesses that he and his wife aren't sure how they'll cope with a second baby.

Who won't be on the show?

Brother Josh Duggar is back from his stint in a faith-based sex rehab clinic. He is back in Arkansas and has appeared in family pictures. But he can't appear on "Counting On" as per TLC. His adultery, sex addiction, and Ashley Madison accounts got "19 Kids and Counting" canceled. His wife Anna Duggar occasionally appears, and it looks like she may be pregnant with the couple's fifth child.