Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are making memories by the millions on their current incarnation of their Soul2Soul Tour. The superstar couple has mingled with celebrity friends and left them star-struck, and YouTube is loaded with special moments of emotion in song, but there is a special kismet connection any time Faith Hill and her husband spend time with kids. One of those moments happened in Tupelo, Mississippi, at the BanCorp South Arena, and hearts were blessed by the sheer joy between the singer-songwriter and her adorable fan, Rosie. Faith shared the sweet memory on Instagram!

Mutual admiration

Rosie glowed with a beaming smile as she saw her favorite singer enter the backstage meet and greet area. She covered her face in disbelief, but definitely had no hint of shyness with her fan-girl crush. Instinctively, Faith knelt down and gently grasped both of Rosie's hands, telling her “You just made my day when I saw your video. You’re precious!”

Rosie had obviously contemplated the perfect tune to accompany her “dream come true” moment. When asked what song she wanted to sing, “Mississippi Girl,” was exclaimed in less than a nano-second, and the schoolgirl songstress dove right in, leaving Faith Hill to find the perfect key and follow, which she accomplished with perfect grace.

The precious pairing sounded especially perfect coming to the line, “Ain’t big headed from a little bit of fame,” and that's exactly what Faith Hill was proving as she let Rosie lead and the duet partners finished the song. At the close, Hill embraced the girl with a squeeze.

“Mississippi Girl” is a constant fan favorite from Hill’s 2005 “Fireflies” album.

The song was written by John Rich, and the making of the album brought deep and lasting collaboration with Lori McKenna, who wrote this year’s Song of the Year for the 2016 CMA awards, “Humble and Kind,” performed by Tim McGraw, who turned the song's message into a personal movement.

Only better after a decade

Speak to a Girl,” the current duet out now by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, performed live at the ACM awards on April 2, gives a stunning sneak peek at the album of duets in the works for the couple for 2017 under their new deal with Sony, and the song soars with Faith’s high-scaling notes and palpable emotion.

It has been a decade since the artist and ever-devoted mom of three has been on tour, but now that her girls are grown up, she can spread her vocal wings again and doesn't mind sharing the bus with her hubby.

At the premiere date of the tour in New Orleans, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were presented with an envelope to reveal and announce the gender of one waiting couple’s baby, as the family sat in the audience. It was a boy. Faith Hill certainly knows how to give her millions of fans incredible memories.