One of the many adventures left in oblivion after finalizing the tournament between universes 6 and 7 was the journey of Vegeta to the planet Salad of the sixth universe, in which all the Saiyans of that world dwell. This planet existed in the seventh universe but due to internal conflict, the planet collapsed, forcing the surviving Saiyans to retreat in search of another planet.

Planet Salad

The planet Salad is a place of justice, since the Saiyans, unlike what we knew in "Dragon Ball Z," are brave warriors who watch over the well-being of an entire universe by eliminating evil.

This planet has a king. At the end of his fight against Vegeta, Kyabe mentions that he reminds him of his king, since both are powerful and proud. After recalling this dialogue, we ask the following question: Will the king of the planet Salad participate in the tournament of power?

The king of the Saiyans

However, despite the words of Kyabe, it has become clear that this king of the Saiyans cannot be transformed into a Super Saiyan, at least until the saga of Universe 6, since Kyabe expressed never having seen a transformation of such traits from a member of his race. This leads to the speculation that although this person is very powerful, he does not possess the enormous abilities that the young Kyabe should have at the moment.

Anyway, not finding warriors of a high level for the tournament, the destroying god Champa should consider this ruler of the planet Salad as a member of the team from Universe 6.

As we already know about the tournament of power, it demands the strongest warriors from each and every participating universe, thus, it would make sense that each participating universe would want to put forth the strongest team possible in order to win and avoid destruction.

It is possible to mention that if the woman Broly is of the universe 6 and the king of the Saiyans participates, the sixth universe, along with the seventh, would be the teams with more Saiyans in their ranks, both having 3 warriors of the race each.