Jenelle Evans is usually in the media for something she has done wrong. From having three children by three different men to her history of violence and drug abuse, she is one of the more well-known "Teen Mom 2" stars. She welcomed her third child earlier this year with her live-in boyfriend, David Eason. The two are engaged to be married and recently built a huge home on property they own.

Jenelle's history with animals

The last few years have been rough for Jenelle Evans. 2014 was really when things got stirred up for her with the animal abuse accusations.

When "Teen Mom 2" cameras were filming, they caught Evans in a rage and yelling at her dogs. Actually, one dog belonged to Jenelle and one dog belonged to her then-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Fans were completely outraged. There was a lot of drama that went on over it, and several accusations that were thrown around. It is alleged that Evans kept the dogs locked in cages in the garage because she couldn't handle them. She also reportedly hit Nathan's dog, though nothing ever came of it.

Now that Jenelle Evans and David Eason are living at the home on the property they own, they have two dogs. These dogs allegedly live outside, though it is assured they have food, water, and a dog house to grab shelter when needed.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans is under fire once again for her treatment of Animals. After she shared a photo of the two dogs on Snap Chat, the critics came out in full force.

Jenelle Evans' dog looks injured

It appears that one of the dogs in Jenelle Evans' care may have a broken tail. It was noticed in one of the pictures she shared and people are harping on her to get it checked out.

There has not been a statement on the health of the dog at all, but there will likely be at some point. Jenelle doesn't remain quiet when she is being harped on about something she thinks she isn't doing wrong. There was also a photo where the two dogs were huddled up close to the house appearing to be cold. Evans was heavily criticized for not allowing the dogs inside her home as well.

Living life in the spotlight has not been kind to Jenelle Evans. She has made several mistakes over the last eight years, many of them documented by the "Teen Mom 2" cameras. At this point in life, she appears to be getting things together. Marrying David Eason is the next big step and she appears ready to walk down the aisle with the latest man in her life.