Jenelle Evans is upset with MTV again. The most recent problem stems from the episode of “Teen Mom 2” that aired this past Monday night. Evans was prepping for the reunion and the cameras were there to catch all of the drama. She lost it when they weren't catering to her needs and with the help of David Eason, Evans left with Jace. This caused huge drama, especially since Barbara Evans had not agreed to let her daughter take her grandson with her.

Jenelle claims MTV wants Barbara to keep Jace

For a few years now, Jenelle Evans has been accusing MTV of painting her in a bad light in order to hinder her quest to get custody of Jace.

The young mom signed custody over to Barbara Evans when her son was just a baby and she was too busy to look after him. This was a fine arrangement until Jenelle met Nathan Griffith and started to get the idea in her head that she needed Jace back home. Since then, there have been things that have happened that could have interfered with the court case, including an assault charge which has since been dismissed.

After Monday night's episode of “Teen Mom 2” aired, Jenelle Evans began receiving both positive and negative comments about whether or not she should be raising her son, Jace and if Barbara Evans should be raising her other two children as well. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans was upset that the official MTV account answered a fan and asked whether or not they believe Jenelle is fit to raise her children.

This set the young mom off on a rant about how the network interferes, raising the question about whether or not Evans' claims have been valid.

The battle goes on

The custody battle between Jenelle and Barbara Evans over Jace is still in the courts. Both have reportedly given depositions, but nothing has been in front of the judge yet.

Things keep getting continued and in the midst of it all, Jenelle delivered her third child. She is in a more stable place with David Eason and the two have been co-parenting his daughter and Kaiser all along. Adding their new baby girl wasn't a huge change and Jenelle wants Jace home with her for good.

A Season 8 was confirmed for “Teen Mom 2” but it is unclear whether or not Jenelle Evans will stick around for the ride or will jump off the gravy train in order to ensure nothing else interferes with getting her son back.