Kailyn Lowry is a hot topic in the world of reality television. She announced she was expecting her third child back in February. This was a complete shock to "Teen Mom 2" fans because Lowry had repeatedly said she was not looking to have more children. When she was called out on that, Kailyn revealed that she meant with Javi Marroquin. After their marriage fell apart, she went out and started dating again.

Pregnant on purpose

There have been some speculations that Kailyn Lowry got pregnant on purpose. While that hasn't been confirmed, she definitely wasn't trying to prevent it when she was with her alleged Baby Daddy, Chris Lopez.

There have been several clues dropped that reveal he is the father, though no one is confirming it. Lowry has since been insistent that she has always wanted three children and now, that will be a reality.

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry had a rocky relationship. Shortly before they announced their separation, it was revealed Lowry suffered a miscarriage. It was likely the final straw for their marriage. Losing a child is something incredibly painful and Kailyn mentioned how she was treated during the process. Marroquin has since apologized for how he treated his ex-wife during the life-changing event. It also sheds light on why Lowry was insisting on no more children with her ex-husband.

Kailyn is single

During a conversation with a fan, Kailyn Lowry confirmed she was no longer with her baby daddy. They were discussing baby names when the "Teen Mom 2" star admitted she can't pick a name and doesn't have anyone to agree on one with. That pretty much confirmed she is no longer in contact with her child's father.

Kailyn has gotten a lot of criticism for this pregnancy and even more for keeping the identity of her child's father a secret. Chris Lopez is the man who likely fathered her baby, but there are a few other names being circulated as well.

Right now, an official due date has not been mentioned. Kailyn Lowry will likely have her child sometime in July, possibly August at the latest.

She has chosen to not be told the gender of her child. It is something she did with both of her sons because she believes it is really the only true surprise in life. Lowry will have a tough road ahead of her raising three children with three different men. "Teen Mom 2" is expected back for another season and fans are hoping some questions about Kailyn and her baby daddy will be answered.