It's no secret that Donald Trump and Hollywood don't see eye to eye. After 100 days in office and with various scandals hovering over the White House, Trump is feeling the heat, especially from celebrities who use their popularity to hit back at the president.

Reiner on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his plans to run for president, the initial reaction was shock and laughter, as many people didn't believe the run was legit. However, as time moved on, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to ride his unique momentum to a Republican primary victory, before following that up with the shocking upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election last November.

Before and since his election win, Trump has faced a growing onslaught of criticism from Hollywood, where the overwhelmingly political view is on the left. Hollywood liberals have used their popularity and following to push back in opposition to the president, much to the chagrin for those on the right. With Trump completing his first 100 days in the White House, it's not a surprise that the press has focused on a review of the start of his presidency. One of the biggest mysteries that is currently plaguing Trump is the Russian scandal, most notably the role of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his communication with Kremlin offices. These issues were discussed during the April 29 edition of "A.M.

Joy with Joy Reid" on MSNBC.

Joining MSNBC host Joy Reid on Saturday morning was actor and director Rob Reiner, who didn't' hold back his thoughts about Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and the controversy surrounding the president's relationship with Russia.

"The truth ultimately will come out," Reiner said, before noting, "This man who is the head of our country is a pathological liar and everybody around him is lying."

"Not only did we know about Michael Flynn, there were a number of articles, there was a letter written by the House Oversight Committee," Rob Reiner pointed out.

On Friday night, Donald Trump sat down with Fox News and attempted to blame Flynn being exposed for speaking to a Russian offical on former President Barack Obama, but Reiner was not having any of it. "He was fired by Barack Obama!" he said, while noting, "that is clear."

Rob Reiner went on to say that there is only one thing that Donald Trump and the administration have been successful at during his first 100 days in office, and that is "obfuscating the biggest single story that is permeating this country right now," which he notes was the Russian hacking scandal of the recent election.

"Why with the White House knowing full well that this is who he was, they still appointed him National Security Adviser?" Reiner wondered, before appearing optimistic that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates would be testifying on the issue at hand in the near future.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump and his supporters are doing their best to spin the last three months of headlines into a positive, it doesn't appear that critics like Rob Reiner will be backing down anytime soon. Despite this, those who support the president appear willing to stick around, as the latest poll on the topic showed that close to 96 percent of Trump voters would vote for him once again if the election were held today.