"Into the Badlands" offered more action for viewers as Sunny and Bajie fought their way out of Nos' junkyard fortress this week in the latest episode called "Monkey Leaps Through Mist." In last week's episode, the most epic fight scene of the series took place as the Barons battled it out with the Widow. Ryder was killed by Quinn, his father, leaving the barony without a leader. In the opening scene, Jade, Ryder's wife, takes control of the barony and becomes the new baron.

Sunny and Bajie seek help from Nos to leave the Badlands

Sunny and Bajie arrive at Nos' junkyard.

They have Nathaniel Moon's sword, and they want to trade it for a shortcut into the Badlands. Nos agrees to make the trade. Sunny and Bajie feast with Nos, who is also a pimp, and he offers them both food and women. Nos reveals that Quinn is alive and there was a bloodbath at the Conclave of the Barons. Now the barons are on high alert, and they're looking for Quinn.

Sunny meets Portia. She is a doll (prostitute) sent by Nos to please him. Sunny rejects her, but he allows her to stay. Portia asks Sunny to help her keep her daughter Amelia out of the life of a doll. Sunny and Bajie prepare to leave the junkyard once they have gotten their passage into the Badlands. When Nos stabs Portia because he received word that Portia wanted him dead, Sunny decides to rescue Portia and Amelia.

Sunny has to fight Nos' men to get them out. Bajie grabs Amelia and Portia and throws them in the car while Sunny finishes the fight.

The Widow makes a bold move

The Widow consults with Waldo to try and plan her next move after nearly being killed at the Conclave. Although she is angry with him, she seeks his counsel. Waldo advises her to become an ally to the barons in the search to find and deal with Quinn.

He believes that by finding Quinn and killing him, the Widow can gain leverage against the barons. She considers Waldo's proposal and then decides to make an alliance with Quinn instead. The Widow tasks Waldo with finding Quinn to make the alliance.

After missing from "Into the Badlands" for a couple of weeks, M.K. reappears.

He is still in training and is seen running through the forest. While in the forest, he discovers a group of corpses hanging from the trees. He steals the clothes from one of the bodies and puts them on. It is unclear what his reasons are for taking the clothes and using them.

Quinn is having delusions and he's seeing his dead son Ryder

Quinn starts to see Ryder, and he begins verbally sparring with him. Jade summons Ryder's mother, and she finds out that Ryder is dead. They discuss a plan to kill Quinn. Lydia insists that she be the one to kill Quinn.

Veil is being held captive after it's discovered that she may have killed Edgar. She is warned that it has been discovered that she didn't cure Quinn at all and that it's necessary to keep Quinn alive.

Her baby disappears, and she finds her son with Quinn. He his still having delusions, and he's talking to Ryder while holding a knife to Henry's throat. Lydia arrives with a group of Clippers at the place she believes to be Quinn's headquarters. The Clippers are blown up in an explosion while trying to gain access. Veil escapes with Henry. Will she get away from Quinn for good this time? Will the Widow find Quinn and make an alliance? Can Sunny and Bajie find Veil and leave the Badlands?

Hopefully these questions will all be answered in the next episode of "Into the Badlands."