The common thread in the disparate stories below, all happening now, is crowds, gatherings, people. Everywhere, as spring breaks, something irrepressible takes hold and people of all ages in all places stretch and move and take in the world beyond our private doors.

The common thread is also aesthetic. All people are artists, displayers, All people have talent. So it is neat to hear the young man in the first story below and to follow the link in the next story and to think of people calmly leaving the Getty unperturbed by a disturbed person's threatening call.

Nonviolence rules. Aesthetics rules. Diversity rules. Enjoy.

12-year-old joins Korn Latin America tour

The remarkable bassist with Korn on the video accessible from the tweet below is Tye Trujillo, a 12-year-old. Tye is the son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo. The young man is temporarily replacing Korn’s regular bassist, Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, on the South American leg of an upcoming Korn tour. Tye will be playing with Korn until May 6.

Fashion Week loses a day

Fashion Week in New York City has been shortened.

This year the week will run from Thursday, September 7 to Wednesday, September 13. The six-day week will display fashions for the spring 2018 season. The week is the work of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). The shortened week reflects what the council describes as "industry feedback calling for a more succinct NYFW schedule." Fashion weeks tend to create stars based on such things as felonious pasts and icy blue stares.

Bomb threat at the Getty

It is mid-afternoon at the Getty and a call comes in. The caller says there is a bomb, get out. But it is second-hand, meaning presumably that whoever got the call told someone else.

According to one account, the museum was evacuated. The Getty's Twitter account said people were leaving. There was no indication of alarm. After that, staff was told to leave. It amounted to an early closing. As this goes to press, the Getty Museum tweets: "LAPDHQ has concluded its investigation of the threat received this afternoon. The Getty Center will open as usual at 10am Wednesday."

Living integrally

Each person has the capacity to travel without moving, to receive without grasping, to affirm without speaking. The great truth of our time is that reality is all and we are learning to accept that and not to fear it. Living integrally is the future of humankind.