Charlie Hunnam is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, but not everyone knows his story. In a tell-all interview with the Associated Press, the 37-year-old star talked about his first marriage and how it turned out to be the most painful years of his life The “Sons of Anarchy” actor was only 18-years-old when he first met Katharine Towne at an audition for “Dawson’s Creek” in 1999.

Marriage to Towne

"First time I was ever in Vegas, I got married, which didn't turn out that well," Hunnam told the publication. The “Queer as Folk” star narrated that he had only known Towne for three weeks and they quickly fell madly in love.

He also confessed that it was the first time he had been in love, as he was still young. With that, the former couple rushed everything and even decided to get married instantly before he had to go back to England.

Both of them thought that they would never see each other again, thus, they decided to go to Las Vegas and tie the knot. When they came to the city of Nevada, he then thought that he wouldn't even be able to afford to buy a drink, thus, a wedding was impossible.

Little did Hunnam know that their wedding would push through as they ended up exchanging their wedding vows at the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel. But the happy marriage he was expecting, unfortunately, turned into hell. He described it as “three terrible, painful, expensive years” of his life, but he managed to end it and for him, it was a small victory.

His success with another woman

Hunnam and Towne got separated in 2002. He then became a successful actor as Jax Teller in the FX drama series “Sons of Anarchy.” He, too, has an upcoming movie directed by Guy Ritchie, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” He also had moved on from his ex-wife and found the new love of his life with jewelry designer Morgana McNelis.

In fact, they have been together for 11 years. "This is a girl I love very much,” he proudly said.

The “Pacific Rim” star is looking forward to spending the next 60 years of his life with McNelis. He even came to her defense after she was trolled and bullied online. He then revealed that his girlfriend was the one who was there for him when he had nothing.

She has been the most loyal and supportive partner that helped when he was not yet successful and didn't even have a penny.

However, while filming his new movie “The Lost City of Z,” Hunnam revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he has been ignoring her for five months. He explained that he just wanted to feel lonely and selfish, and paying no attention to his girlfriend helped him. Luckily, he has a very understanding and supportive partner, and in three years, he hopes to settle down with McNelis, get married, and have children.