'"Into the Badlands" opened with Quinn meeting with Veil before he rallies his troops to attend the Conclave. The barons of the Conclave are meeting to decide the fate of the Widow.

The Widow faces her accusers while Quinn returns

In the latest episode of '"Into the Badlands," titled "Palm of the Iron Fox," the barons' next target has become the Widow. Ryder replaced his father Quinn as the head of his barony and is now part of the Conclave. To Quinn, it doesn't matter because he wants vengeance, and he is busy planning his return.

As the Widow prepares for a reception with the barons, she receives a brief pep talk from Waldo.

She enters the reception fearlessly. The Widow has an exchange with Baron Chow with the hope that she can get the Baron's vote.

At the compound where M.K. is training, he sneaks into one of the chambers in the hopes of discovering the whereabouts of his mother. He uses drugs to try and find her. Instead, M.K. believes his mother is dead.

Veil plans her escape from Quinn by asking that she be allowed to take her baby into the sunshine. Gabriel sends word to Quinn that everything is ready for Quinn to bring in his clippers and remove Ryder as the baron. Edgar catches Veil trying to escape and she knocks him out with a sleeping potion.

Before the Widow's trial, she meets with Baron Chow again with the hope of persuading her to vote in favor of the Widow staying a baron.

This becomes the turning point of this "Into the Badlands" episode because the Widow must decide whether or not to agree to Baron Chow's terms in order to get her vote.

The barons meet, and they put the Widow on trial. The goal is to strip her of her title and banish her. She argues in favor of having her oil fields restored.

Ryder opposes her and accuses her treason towards the Conclave. The Conclave strips the Widow of her title as a baron, and they give her 48 hours to leave the Badlands. The Widow tells them that it will be over her dead body that she leaves. Waldo calls for further negotiation.

Quinn makes his entrance at the Conclave

Quinn shocks the Conclave as he appears.

They believe that he has been eliminated by Ryder, his son, who replaced him. A fight ensues between Quinn and the Conclave while they also try to eliminate the Widow and Waldo. Waldo is nearly killed, and then Tilda appears. She gives a sword to the Widow and uses a star to save Waldo.

The fight ends with the Widow, Waldo, and Tilda as the only ones standing. Quinn goes after Ryder and also confronts Jade, who married Ryder after she thought Quinn died. Quinn catches up to Ryder, and they fight. The battle ends with Quinn stabbing Ryder after giving him the chance to kill him (Quinn), instead. Quinn leaves while Jade enters the scene to find Ryder on the ground, possibly dead. With the possible death of Ryder, it means a cast change may be coming.

AMC announced that they are working on a subscription service. Fans will be able to watch all episodes of "Into the Badlands" with the new service.