Lulu Falconeri may be doing something on "General Hospital" that could interfere with not only her custody case but also her marriage. She has been on the edge lately after Valentin Cassadine won custody of their daughter Charlotte and she may just go over the edge very soon. She has been very worried about Charlotte and she will do anything to make sure she is safe, which means to have the little girl with her. Will she go to extreme measures to make sure that happens?

Lulu vs. Valentin

Valentin Cassadine hasn't been in Port Charles for too long, but he has managed to make many enemies in town since his arrival.

Of course, it didn't help matters any that he had supposedly shot and killed Lulu's brother, Nikolas. This is one of the reasons that she considers him dangerous and unfit to raise Charlotte. However, he has their daughter right now and Lulu is only allowed supervised visits with her.

Before now, Charlotte has run away from her biological mother, but according to "General Hospital" spoilers for this week, she will somehow soften up to her. Will something happen to make the little girl see Lulu differently?

What about Dante?

Poor Dante has had a lot to deal with lately as well. He has been beside his wife through this whole custody case and has gone along with her.

He also lost his younger brother Morgan in the car bomb that Olivia Jerome set. Now he found some evidence that may lead him to Ava Jerome being the one who set Morgan up to get in that car. He has his hands full right now with the investigation, so he may not realize what Lulu is doing when it comes to her daughter.

More "General Hospital" spoilers says that the other Olivia, Dante's mom, will be worried about him.

It is obvious that Lulu is very distracted right now and probably has no idea what her husband is going through. She seems to only have her eyes set on Charlotte. Dante may not know if she is planning on making some type of move against Valentin to get her hands on Charlotte.

Will Lulu take action?

Ever since she found out that she has a daughter, Lulu has been doing whatever she can to get close to Charlotte, but it seems to have blown up in her face.

If Charlotte softens up to her, she may just take some sort of action to get her away from her daddy. Rumors are swirling that Lulu will end up kidnapping her child and go on the run.

That could be dangerous as Valentin is capable of getting pretty nasty when he needs to be. Everyone has warned Lulu that she should be careful, but she doesn't seem to be listening to reason when it comes to Charlotte. Do you think Lulu will grab her daughter and run? Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to see what develops.