General Hospital” spoilers for Friday's episode detail that there is a lot of drama on the way related to Carly and Sonny. The two had been working on repairing their marriage, but now that she knows he believes he slept with Nelle, things are in a bad place again. Elizabeth and Franco are in a great place in their relationship, but they're worried about Jake, and Finn is leaning on Hayden as he goes through withdrawals. Where are things headed in the March 24 show?

'GH' teasers hint at more to come regarding Julian

SheKnows Soaps shares that Alexis will be struggling a great deal as she grieves over Julian's supposed death.

General Hospital” spoilers share that she will soon fall off the wagon and while she thinks that her estranged husband is gone for good, it seems that Sam will begin to suspect that Julian is alive. “GH” teasers have been hinting that he is indeed still alive, but it's not clear as of yet when Julian will reappear.

Finn is trying to kick his Zen Zen addiction without rehab and Hayden has promised to help him. He told her to duct tape him to a chair, but “General Hospital” spoilers indicate that during Friday's episode, he will be begging her to free him and let him go. As Hayden tries to figure out how to help Finn she will reach out to Curtis for some assistance.

What really happened to Jake?

Jake has been sharing a bit more about his feelings and struggles and Elizabeth and Franco are growing increasingly concerned about what happened during his years with Helena. “General Hospital” spoilers share that Elizabeth's worries will increase during the next show and she and Franco will talk about whether it's time to fill Jason in on things.

“GH” teasers share that Sonny is soon going to throw out an ultimatum to Carly, pushing her to either forgive him or walk away. “General Hospital” spoilers reveal that he'll be struggling with feelings of defeat and the buzz is that these two may be spending quality time with others rather than one another soon.

Anna and Valentin's dance continues

Friday's show brings some positive moments between Jason and Sam, and “General Hospital” spoilers from Soap Central reveal that he will be filled in on the concerns regarding Jake next week. Viewers will see more between Anna and Valentin during the week of March 27 and Sam will start doing some investigating. There's also a deal ahead between Lucy and Ava and “GH” teasers hint that Jax will be returning to Port Charles quite soon, and his return may bring some shakeups for Carly.

Is this really the end for Carly and Sonny? Just what happened to Jake during his years with Helena? When will Julian reappear and will he reunite with Alexis? “General Hospital” spoilers hint that things will be getting wild in the episodes ahead and fans won't want to miss where things head next.