ABC's "General Hospital" has had lots of drama lately with Olivia Jerome wreaking havoc in Port Charles by killing her brother, kidnapping people, and trying to blow up the hospital. One couple who was at "GH" at the time survived that ordeal. Finn and Hayden were in lockdown mode when he started having bad addiction withdrawals. Now that he and Hayden are back home, it has gotten much worse. Will Finn survive detoxing on his own without medical help?

Finn goes wild and crazy

It was not a pretty sight on Friday's episode of "General Hospital" when Finn started begging Hayden to let him go.

He was tied to a chair so he could ride out the withdrawal symptoms without hurting anyone or running off. Of course, Hayden didn't listen to him and that is when Finn laid into her. He said some mean things to her, but she knows that it was the drugs talking. However, she knew she needed help.

Hayden called Curtis Ashford and he came just in time. He has been a good friend to Hayden through the good times and the bad and he has this protective mode with her as well. He may just stay with her until her guy comes through the detox.

Will he win the battle?

According to "General Hospital" spoilers for the next week or two, Finn will be facing an uphill battle when it comes to staying away from drugs.

It sounds like he makes it through the worst of it and will make it through this round of getting clean. However, rumor has it that he will be tempted in the coming weeks while he tries to get his life back in order.

A tweet from Daytime Spoiler says that there is a drug dealer who will be showing up in April and it could have some bad consequences if this has to do with Dr.

Finn. He has a lot to lose if he should go back to the drugs. He is on leave right now from the hospital and could lose his license if he doesn't shape up. He could potentially lose Hayden as well. She will stick by him right now, but if he should happen to relapse, she could just throw in the towel and say goodbye to him

How do you think this will all play out? Will Finn fight for his girl or will drugs win out over her? Sound off your thoughts on what you think will happen with this "General Hospital" couple.