"General Hospital" spoilers have announced that today is the beginning of the end for Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine. It was announced last month that the beloved actress would be exiting "General Hospital" once her contract expires. Elliot has decided to retire after nearly four decades on the show. The news came as a shock to some but there had been rumors circulating for months about her intentions to exit Port Charles.

Through the years, Jane Elliot has brought her all to the character of Tracy Quartermaine. "General Hospital" will not be the same without her, though the idea that her sons will remain in Port Charles is a bit comforting.

There is hope that she may return for cameos down the road as it appears she isn't going to be killed off. There have been some amazing moments that have involved Elliot as Tracy, including when Edward Quartermaine died. The father/daughter relationship was important to her character, even being touched on now that she is exiting "General Hospital."

Jane's exit details

According to Soap Hub, "General Hospital" spoilers indicate Jane Elliot will last air on May 4. This means that the final month of her story will bring fans right into May sweeps. These ratings for the month are a huge deal and often are deciding factors on whether or not to renew the soap. "General Hospital" tapes scenes a few weeks in advance and it appears that Elliot may be done filming as well.

Rumors have been circulating that Anthony Geary was on set when Jane Elliot was filming her final "General Hospital" scenes but there has not been a reputable source to confirm that.

The chemistry between Anthony Geary and Jane Elliot was amazing. The pairing was odd, but their relationship on the screen was something that fans tuned in to see daily.

"General Hospital" fans are hoping Tracy Quartermaine will go off on an adventure with Luke Spencer, leaving room for a return or cameo down the road.

The final good-bye

Soap fans will mourn the loss of Jane Elliot as a cast member on "General Hospital." She has been such a staple on the show and while there have been several times where Tracy Quartermaine had fallen back, in recent years she has been very present in Port Charles.

There is a sigh of relief knowing the writers have decided to keep the character alive. With an open-ended send off, the possibility of returning to "General Hospital" is doable, even if Jane Elliot chooses to never visit Port Charles again.