"General Hospital" spoilers are promising a week of attempted redemption. Friday's episode prepped fans to watch Nelle (Chloe Lanier) confess the truth to Sonny (Maurice Benard). While she didn't sleep with him and only drugged him, the damage of infidelity is already done. Nelle is looking for a way to get back what she had with Michael (Chad Duell) and despite his feelings for her, it looks like the happy ending they could have had is now long gone.

Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is back in Port Charles and has already made waves. "General Hospital" spoilers did not reveal how long he would be in town, but fans speculate it could be as long as through May sweeps.

Jax is one of carly's (Laura Wright) biggest weaknesses and it looks like she is about to give in this week. Cheating on Sonny by sleeping with Jax because of her anger with him is definitely something Carly would do. Finding out that she wasn't cheated on won't matter because she is reportedly considering leaving her husband for good. Jax and Carly are a hot couple, but nothing they have compares to what she has with Sonny. Despite her attempts to walk away from the mobster life, Carly is always drawn back to it.

According to She Knows Soaps, "General Hospital" spoilers confirm Sonny will get angry at the end of the week. He likely discovers Carly's affair with Jax and he will want revenge. Things aren't cut and dry with the way he thinks and now, Jax has stolen his wife again.

The feud between these two men goes deep, and it could cause a lot of issues for the people in Port Charles. Carly will be torn and once she finds out the truth about Nelle and Sonny, she may regret her actions.

This storyline was called several weeks ago when it was announced that Jax was returning to Port Charles. Rumors were that he would hook up with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), but that didn't happen.

Carly is drawn to her ex-husband over and over again, compromising her marriage in every single way. The "General Hospital" writers constantly write and re-write this couple, and it looks like for now, things will be rocky between the pair.

Fans are hoping "General Hospital" writers will choose someone for Carly sooner rather than later.

This up and down has been going on for so long, some fans are just over it. Carly knows Sonny loves her and with Jax leaving on and off over the years, sticking with the consistent man in her life seems to be an easy enough solution. This week on "General Hospital" will be telling of what the future holds.