"Agents of Shield" returned last week with Daisy aka Skye entering into the Framework and finding herself in a relationship with Agent Grant Ward played by former series regular Brett Dalton. No Grant Ward has not been resurrected, but his virtual reality counterpart welcomes Skye to the world with Hydra in charge.

Agents of Hydra

Agents of Hydra is a police state with random checks for inhumans. Both Ward and Skye are Hydra agents. Daisy soon finds out that her fellow Shield agents, May and Fitz, are high ranking Hydra agents. In this reality, Ward is still a double agent.

This time, he is an agent for the Resistance. The Resistance is lead by The Patriot, Jeffrey Mace.

Thanks to Agents May trickery, Hydra knows that Skye is Daisy. Daisy is caught and tortured by Hydra. The episode ends with Fitz visiting Daisy in a locked room. In any other season, this would be a good thing. The audience would expect Fitz to find a way to free Daisy from Hydra. However, this version of Fitz is not a friendly guy.

What happened to Fitz?

Fitz captures the affection of Madam Hydra aka AIDA. AIDA is an android who helped build the Framework, a virtual reality. In this reality, Fitz belongs to Madam Hydra. He is her creation. Hydra refers to Fitz as The Doctor. The Doctor is very much Fitz version of Mr.

Hyde. He is cold calculating and ruthless. In last night's episode, Framework Fitz thinks no one knows the real him and tries to prove it by killing an innocent woman.

Unfortunately, Jemma Simmons, the love of real world Fitz's life, witnesses his dark turn. Before Fitz pulls the trigger, Jemma pleads with Ward to not kill Fitz, because Fitz would never hurt an innocent person.

After The Doctor takes the shot, Jemma cries out, and a gunfight ensues. Fitz escapes.

Having characters do a 180 is not new on "Agents of Shield." Grant Ward has gone from boy scout to bad double agent, then to gun for hire and insane maniac. The difference is that Grant Ward did this consciously. Fitz is either brainwashed, hijacked or has more inner demons than the audience thought.

The Fitz Jemma loves is not a cold blooded killer.

The Resistance brings hope

I am not spoiled about the rest of the season, but I hope that The Resistance, who includes Phil Coulson and Mack, will be able to defeat AIDA and find a way out of the Framework.

I will enjoy seeing how the characters deal with what happened in the Framework. Will Jemma ever view Fitz as the gentle and caring guy again or will she be afraid that The Doctor is his true self?