Everyone knows that Lala Kent says she is moving on from "Vanderpump Rules." She doesn't want to discuss her new relationship on the show at all, but it sounds like she might be joining another reality television show with lisa vanderpump. According to Radar Online, Lisa is wanting to do a spin-off show about her new dog venture, and Lala may be joining her for the show. Of course, Lisa can't do this show by herself and would need some help other than just her husband.

Lala Kent and Lisa Vanderpump's new plans

An insider is sharing details and said, "Lala is supposed to be filming soon for Lisa Vanderpump’s new dog spin-off show." Everyone knows that Lisa Vanderpump really loves dogs and will do anything she can to protect them.

The source went on to explain that Lisa thinks that the "Vanderpump Rules" cast actually picks on Lala and she feels bad for her. Lisa does actually like her. Lala has had problems with the girls on the show, but things have usually been pretty good between her and Lisa except for when she didn't show up where she was supposed to be.

Lala Kent has moved on from SUR and "Vanderpump Rules." She was on the reunion show, but it looks like she is totally done with the show. Lala is in a new relationship that she doesn't want to share about on the show at all. If she does this spin-off with Lisa, it doesn't sound like it will be as much drama and might be easier for her to avoid talking about the boyfriend and just help Lisa out with this project.

The show will allegedly be all about Vanderpump Pets Foundation. This could work out great for Lisa and Lala both if they can make it work out.

There has been some talk about Lisa Vanderpump moving on from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Things are really a lot of drama on the show. Lisa has a huge fanbase, and if she was to get her own spin-off about her dog foundation, it would not be full of drama like that show is and Lisa would have a bit more control.

It would be a platform where Lisa could raise awareness about her foundation. This is really important to her. Of course, Lisa will stay on "Vanderpump Rules," but it sounds like there is a chance that she might end up leaving "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

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