The CW has confirmed that “ReignSeason 4 is the end of the series. That means Mary, Queen of Scots’ story has to completely wrap up by the end of the season. There is the possibility that the writers will opt for a different ending for fans to tell their own stories about the future of the character. However, this is based on history. There are only a few stories that can be told.

Here’s a look at four of the ways that “Reign” season 4 could fully wrap up.

Mary is executed

The most obvious is the death of Mary. History tells us that Mary flees to England, where she is arrested and later executed.

She never meets Elizabeth, but it is Elizabeth I of England who signs her death warrant. Is it possible that the show-runners will opt for this ending? Could Mary’s death happen in the final moments of the show? It would certainly make sense.

Mary flees and gets away

Another option is that the show will change Mary’s fate. This wouldn’t be the first time that the show has changed history. Francis was kept alive and had an illegitimate child. Bash was introduced, despite no proof that he existed. Mary’s lady Lola was executed by Elizabeth I. “Reign” isn’t known for its historical accuracy, so the show could make a change at the very end with the help of Bash.

Mary is killed by someone else

Maybe Mary doesn’t make it to England.

It is possible that the show will change her storyline slightly, but not actually save her life. She has plenty of enemies, and it is possible that one of those in Scotland takes her life at the very end. This could even be Bothwell, who will likely become Mary’s husband at some point (if the show does stick to the real history).

There are also druids who could take her life.

James VI becomes King of England

James hasn’t been born yet but we know he likely will. After all, Bash sent a man to tell Mary that she and Darnley will have a son who will unite the kingdoms of England and Scotland. Is it possible that the show won’t just end with Mary’s death?

Will we see him take the English throne after Elizabeth’s death?

There isn’t long left for “Reign” season 4 and there are still plenty of stories to tell. These are just four things that could happen to wrap up the show completely.

How do you think the show will end? Would it make more sense for Mary to die by Elizabeth or in a different way considering the way the show has treated history?

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