Fans who have wanted to see Meredith and Riggs together will be extremely happy with “Grey’s Anatomy” this week. The trailer for “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13, Episode 20 has dropped and they will be both stuck on a commercial flight together. So stuck that they’re sitting next to each other at one point! That’s not all, as there will be a small disaster on the plane. It looks like the plane hits some severe turbulence, but could it be more serious? Meredith and planes just don’t go together!

Meredith gets on a flight to see Riggs

It seems that this is going to be a personal flight.

Not only are the two on a commercial flight, but neither expect to see each other. It’s just coincidence that the two are seated in the same row. Meredith makes her surprise known when asking what Riggs is doing there. Now there are plenty of questions, including why they are on the flight and what their destination is.

Despite being surprised, this is going to be a chance for them both to talk. They were supposed to go on a date at the end of the last episode, but Maggie coming home in tears meant that Meredith blew him off again. It didn’t help that Riggs was left spooked by Arizona, who said Meredith and Derek were epic loves.

A flight that turns disasterous…again!

Meredith doesn’t have much luck with planes on “Grey’s Anatomy.” The season 8 finale involved a plane crash that took the life of her sister, Lexie.

When the commercial plane in season 13, episode 20 hits turbulence, it’s clear that Meredith will need to fight to keep herself calm, while everyone around her screams and panics as the plane is thrust around in the turbulence.

Could this be a chance for her and Riggs to bond? He will have an opening to help keep her calm and find out more about her life.

However, it doesn’t look like he’ll get too much of a chance when there are passengers who need medical attention while on the plane. Meredith is later seen helping one of the passengers in the aisle of the plane.

It’s unclear whether the whole episode will take place on the plane. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13.

One whole episode took place in an OR and another in a prison. It also gives more time to develop the storyline between Meredith and Riggs and help to keep the drama of the plane crash story flowing easily. “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, episode 20 airs on Thursday at 8pm on ABC and is directed by Chandra Wilson, who plays Miranda Bailey on the show.