"Reign" hasn't been the most historically accurate of shows, but it has followed the general life of Mary, Queen of Scots. That has certainly been the case for "Reign" Season 4, as she considers a marriage to Lord Darnley to secure her position as Queen of Scotland. However, this week's trailer suggests that Mary could take a different path, altering the course of history completely.

Will Mary choose Gideon above all others

Gideon has become a strong and prominent character in "Reign" season 4. Playing both sides, he is working to remove the threat of Mary for Elizabeth.

This week will see him take a step to take Mary out of the public eye. As he says in the trailer, if she isn't seen by the people, they will forget about her. How does he plan to do such a thing? He wants Mary to consider love above all else. What would it mean for the Scottish throne? Could Elizabeth decide to take that as a relative of Mary's?

'Reign' continues to focus on King Charles of France's position

While a third of the story is in Scotland, another third is still in France. Catherine de Medici is still a strong-willed and passionate character in the storyline. Once viewed as the villain and antagonist against Mary, she is now the character to root for in the French storyline. Her daughter Liza, Queen of Spain, is trying to take over the French court, as King Charles of France has proven to be incapable of ruling.

Catherine will spend this week's episode covering her son's tracks. Will she notice that he is bleeding profusely and will fans find out what has happened to him? Could this set up the story of the real history with Charles dying and young Henry taking over as King of France, which is mother Catherine as queen regent?

"Reign" season 4 continues on Fridays at 9 pm on the CW.

This is the final season, but will it follow real history or include some slight changes to make it more of a dramatic or even happier ending for Mary, Queen of Scots? Fans will know that her real ending isn't a good one.