Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran have dominated "Teen Mom OG" for several seasons. They have been off and on for a few years and as of now, they are off again. It was suspected by fans a few days ago when Abraham threw shade at him on Snap Chat.

This split comes just a few weeks before the new season of "Teen Mom OG" is set to premiere on MTV. It is two weeks away and Simon Saran was a huge part of the drama at the season reunion last November. Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend started a feud with co-star Amber Portwood and her boyfriend, Matt Baier by saying he looked like a pedophile.

It was game on after that, and things actually got physical.

Farrah throws shade

When the photo of Farrah Abraham throwing shade on Snap Chat emerged, fans immediately started talking about their breakup. She has yet to confirm it but Simon Saran did according to the Hollywood Gossip. He was explaining how Abraham jumped to conclusions about something and it wasn't what she thought it was. Saran said that she let her emotions get the best of her, which isn't surprising for fans who watch the show to hear.

A lot of emphasis has been put on getting married in this relationship. Farrah Abraham has been pressuring Simon Saran to make a move and commit to only her for the rest of his life. The two lived in separate places for some time and he would travel to see her.

When it was clear he wasn't ready to get engaged, Abraham came unglued. The two have been casually seeing one another since then, but "Teen Mom OG" fans didn't believe anything would come of it.

What will happen at reunion time?

Now that it has been made clear the two are over, there is some question about how things will happen when the "Teen Mom OG" reunion rolls around.

Last year, it was a mess and this year it seems may be a repeat. On top of their relationship ending, Farrah and Simon have publicly dissed Amber Portwood and Matt Baier after learning they would be invited to their upcoming wedding. Farrah Abraham isn't one to back down and the recent comments she has made could cause a stir.