Candace Cameron Bure has never been afraid to share her love for Jesus with anyone. She brought it to work with her on "The View" and she continues to stick to her core beliefs regardless of what anyone says to her. Bure has left her job as co-host of "The View" after several heated exchanges with the more liberal bunch at the table, but she isn't about to let anyone bully her.

A few days ago, Candace Cameron Bure posted a photo of herself wearing a "Not Today Satan" shirt on social media. It is a catchphrase made famous by a drag queen who was a part of "RuPaul's Drag Race." This saying has gone viral in the LGBT community, and it has become increasingly popular.

Bure obviously didn't know that and when she put it on, the drama was unleashed.

Homophobic accusations

When Bianca Del Rio caught wind of the "Not Today Satan" shirt worn by Candace Cameron Bure, she reposted the photo to her own social media account. This triggered an angry mob who then jumped over to Bure's photo and page and began leaving nasty comments and accusations for the extremely conservative republican mom. Homophobic was the word used the most to describe Candace, though she doesn't believe that fits her at all.

According to Us Weekly, Candace Cameron Bure wrote back to Biance De Rio explaining that just because she loves Jesus, it doesn't mean she is a homophobic person. But, back in 2015, Bure defended the bakery that wouldn't produce a cake for a gay wedding.

She backed their right to associate with who they wanted to, citing the first amendment.

Not Candace's first controversy

This is not the first time Candace Cameron Bure has come under fire for something, and it won't be the last. She is open about her beliefs and faith which don't line up with many things in today's world. She was criticized for standing up for the Duggar family, another super religious family who happens to have a few skeletons in their closet. Bure was adamant she stood up for herself and responded to Bianca Del Rio in a gracious way that was to the point.