Matt Baier isn't the most likable male on “Teen Mom OG.” In fact, his involvement with Amber Portwood has been highly criticized, mainly for their age difference. There is almost two decades between the two lovers who plan to marry at some point in the future. After all of the publicity the couple has received, Baier has decided to write and release an autobiography.

Matt slams Farrah Abraham

Last year, Matt Baier and Farrah Abraham's father, Michael got into a physical brawl during the “Teen Mom OG” reunion. It was pretty hyped up, but the drama was still there.

In fact, Matt Baier was trying to get Farrah's attention on Twitter several years ago before he attempted to win over Amber Portwood. There may be some jealousy lodged in there, though Amber would never admit to it. Now, Baier's book is being leaked little by little online, and he talks about Abraham in it.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Matt Baier is insinuating that Farrah Abraham is lying about being raped by James Deen. That is a pretty extreme statement, even for someone like Baier. This could backfire in a big way, especially since Abraham would likely sue if she could. While it is clear there is no love lost between Farrah and Amber, many believe Baier overstepped some boundaries when commenting about whether or not an assault actually happened.

Where do Amber and Matt sit now?

Last year, Amber Portwood called off their October wedding that was supposed to take place. While she admitted they were still engaged, there were things they had to work out. It appears the two are going to be tying the knot soon, possibly even this year. Her relationship with Baier has not been highly publicized in recent months and appears to be stable for the most part.

The new season of “Teen Mom OG” is going to be airing in just a little under a month. Fans are anticipating some new insights into Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's life, especially when it comes to where they are headed. His book will likely be talked about but with so much of it being “leaked,” the sales may not be what they were expecting.