‘Chicago Fire’ Season 5 returned on Tuesday with an all-new episode and fans were heartbroken. After two weeks of wondering why Anna had walked away from Severide with no warning, they learned that she had given up on her whole life in Chicago. There was only one reason for that to happen: her cancer was back. Of course, it’s back worse than before and there is no hope for her. At least, that’s the way the writers are portraying it right now. ‘Chicago Fire’ fans are now devastated for Severide, questioning whether this is something he will be able to get through mentally.

Severide is only just over Shay

Way back in the season 3 premiere, fans were shocked to find out that paramedic Leslie Shay died. While the fans were devastated, none of them took the loss the way that Severide did. The grief completely consumed him and it nearly affected his whole career. It was only by season 4 that he felt comfortable talking about her.

Fans know how hard Severide takes the losses of the people close to him. They don’t think that he will be able to survive if Anna dies from cancer; the cancer that he originally donated bone marrow to cure. This is more than a friendship now, as it is clear he is falling hard and fast for Anna.

‘Chicago Fire’ will mimic Severide’s loss in another storyline

During the episode, Severide will come across a widow who is struggling to let go and move on. It is soon clear to him that he fears he won’t be able to move on should something happen to Anna. This doesn’t mean he is going to give up on her or stop helping her fight, but he knows that he’ll need help to overcome the grief should it all turn out in vain.

Fans are understandably angry at the writers. There was hope for Severide to fall in love and be happy. Anna seemed like the perfect match for him, especially working in the hospital so she’d understand his duties as a fireman. If Severide couldn’t be with Stella, then they want him to be happy with Anna. But, just as fans have gotten to know and like her, the writers are taking her away.

The only good thing that could come out of this is that Stella and Severide connect again. There have been times that the two look like they could reignite the flames they had for one another. Could Stella be the shoulder Severide needs to share his grief and feelings? He definitely knows she would never judge him for opening up to her.

“Chicago Fire” season 5 is now back. It continues on Tuesday at 10 p.m. on NBC and will continue until the season finale next month. While season 6 isn’t confirmed yet, there are high expectations that all “One Chicago” shows will be renewed.