Things are definitely not looking good for Team Arrow. The “ArrowSeason 5, episode 20 promo has been released and it’s clear that Olicity are trapped in the bunker. To top things off in terms of bad luck and danger, Felicity shares that she can’t feel her legs and Oliver looks like he’s unconscious. Is there any way to save them now?

Picking right up from last night’s ‘Arrow’

Fans won’t feel like they’ve missed something between episodes. Next Wednesday’s episode will pick up right where this week’s left off. Adrian Chase set off an explosion to destroy the Arrow Cave and it trapped our two heroes at the bottom.

It’s also clear that there was an electrical element to the explosion, as Felicity said that the spinal chip that helps her walk stopped working. She can’t feel her legs and is panicking.

This is not the right time for the two of them to be trapped together. They have been at odds all season, as they are both trying to do the same thing in different ways. Olicity fans wonder if there is any hope for the relationship to get back on track. Maybe being trapped in the bunker will give them both a chance to open up to each other and share their feelings.

Lyla is back to work on her marriage

Olicity isn’t the only couple on shaky ground. “Arrow” fans were devastated to find out that Diggle and Lyla are having trouble.

It all seemed good until Diggle found out that his son was actually a daughter in another universe, before Barry Allen changed the timeline. It also hasn’t helped that the military tried to frame Diggle while in Iraq.

Well, Lyla is back and she will try to work on her marriage. That happens this week, but it clearly isn't going to be good timing.

Diggle will likely get a few phone calls from the rest of the team when they all find out that Oliver and Felicity are trapped. Diggle would never let his best friends die down there.

Prometheus continues to play the perfect villain

Did many “Arrow” fans ever expect a better villain than Deathstroke? Likely not, but that is just what they were gifted this season.

Prometheus took a long time to reveal his identity and it was a shock to the majority of people, including comic fans. Almost everyone expected Adrian Chase to be Vigilante.

Prometheus has turned out to be the perfect bad guy. Instead of constantly trying to kill Oliver, he has focused on destroying his life and his reputation—both as Green Arrow and as Mayor of Star City. Is it possible to take such a perfect villain down, or will Team Arrow go down trying? “Arrow” season 5, episode 20 airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the CW.