“Chicago Fire” fans, the wait for an all-new episode is over. Firehouse 51 is back and ready for action. Make sure you tune in on April 25, 2017 for that all-new episode. What should you expect? Well, here’s the breakdown of Season 5, episode 19 “Carry Their Legacy.”

Fans finally get to find out about Severide and Anna

How many people hate Anna right now? “Chicago Fire” fans were left devastated for Severide at the end of the last episode two weeks ago. Anna decided that she couldn’t be with him after meeting his father, Benny. It was Severide’s worst nightmare, since he didn’t really want his girlfriend to meet his father in the first place.

Fans have been left with plenty of questions. While some may have gained some answers from “Chicago Med,” the overall storyline is going to be left for “Fire.” Severide will learn about Anna’s cold feet and regrets. Can he win her back and encourage her to give him a chance to see he is nothing like his father?

Two squads need to work together

The last time a rig broke, it was Truck 81 and they had a reserve truck to use. That isn’t the case for Squad 3, whose truck will break down while out in the field. It means Squad 6 will need to turn up and Casey gets to see an old friend and colleague, Jason Kannell. That isn’t going to be all good news. Since when do two squads come together and work seamlessly?

Not very often. Squad 6 will be rehoused temporarily while Squad 3’s rig is fixed and that means some people likely stepping on others’ toes.

Dawson and Brett return to training

While all this happens, our favorite paramedics are back in training. “Chicago Fire” fans will remember that the two took the fall for a trainee in the last episode, after he performed CPR and broke a rib.

They were ordered to take mandatory training, which neither were entirely happy about. It looks like they will have some fun with training. They find an enjoyable side of it and come out wanting to do it again. It’s always fun to see Brett and Dawson find ways to enjoy themselves doing something they hate.

The two-week drought is over.

All four “One Chicago” shows return this week to NBC after some time off. More good news is that it looks like all four will be renewed. They are among the strongest performing shows on NBC, with a large fanbase tweeting and commenting on social media.

Chicago Fire” season 5 continues on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. It will likely continue now until the season finale sometime in May 2017.