Fans who have missed their “One Chicago” fixes over the last few weeks have some good news. All four shows return to screens this week. Yes, that includes “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.,” which both recently had a two-week break. What can fans expect from their four favorite shows?

‘Chicago Fire’ season 5 is on April 25, 2017

The first show of the week is “Chicago Fire,” which returns after two weeks off the air. There are a few storylines that the synopsis promises to focus on. The first is Severide and Anna. Fans were left devastated and angry when Anna walked away from Severide after meeting his father.

It appears that she has decided the two won’t work, despite not really giving Severide a chance.

Casey will work with an old friend, as Squad 3’s rig breaks down and the team have to work with Squad 6. Meanwhile, Dawson and Brett will start their compulsory training after taking the hit for their trainee.

‘Chicago P.D.’ continues with Episode 20

After a two week break, “Chicago P.D.” fans are certainly happy for the return of their show. The Chicago Police Department will have to work with notes from a 17-year-old case, as Voight realizes that it connects with a current murder case that comes to his desk. Things won’t be too easy for Voight, who pulls his former partner in on the case. The father of the recent victim will want Homicide to work on the case, instead of the Intelligence Unit.

‘Chicago Med’ back after a week off

Chicago Med” fans haven’t had to wait as long as the other two “One Chicago” shows, but a week is always long enough. The show will definitely return this week, with Dr. Charles finding it difficult to stay out of his daughter’s evaluation, which Sarah heads. Meanwhile, a mother is desperate for her daughter to beat the cancer she has, and Noah is pressured into taking a residency position.

‘Chicago Justice’ continues on Sunday

The final “One Chicago” show with loveable Antonio Dawson continues on Sunday. It’s the only show of the four that didn’t take a break this week. As usual, the case won’t be an easy one to crack or for Stone to win in the courtroom. When an Alderman shows up dead, the team will need to find out who is guilty.

Will it be some scammers or a mother who was just trying to save her daughter?

One Chicago” kicks off the week with “Chicago Fire” on Tuesday. There are just a handful of episodes for each of the shows left until they wrap up for the 2016-2017 season.