Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are some of the stars of MTV's "Teen Mom OG." They were the couple who gave up their little girl for adoption and their journey was documented on "16 & Pregnant," and subsequently on "Teen Mom OG." Lowell and Baltierra went on to have another child and get married. There has been talk about wanting to expand their family and it will reportedly be addressed on the upcoming season.

Pregnancy announcement

Earlier today, Catelynn Lowell was posting on social media about wanting another child. Her husband, Tyler Baltierra responded with a similar sentiment.

Speculation was heating up and then, Lowell posted an ultrasound photo and announced another Baltierra baby was on the way. That was enough to get people talking, and some of the comments weren't exactly nice.

There has been some talk about Catelynn Lowell getting her mental health situation handled before she has another child. Last season on "Teen Mom OG" she dealt with a lot and ended up being very open about her battle. She even did a stint in rehab to learn how to cope with her anxiety and depression. While Lowell was gone, Baltierra took care of their daughter. Now that she is getting older, the couple wants to have another child so that Novalee can have a sibling.

The Backlash

When Catelynn Lowell finally admitted that the ultrasound and the announcement were fake, it unleashed another level of anger from fans.

Several accused the couple of being cruel because there are women out there who would love to have children and Catelynn and Tyler gave up one and have another. According to People, Tyler Baltierra responded that the world can't take jokes anymore. They have upset the social media balance and this will likely be talked about for days to come.

The new season of "Teen Mom OG" begins in two weeks. A lot will be happening, including some major milestones for all of the girls. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra will be dealing with some real life problems, including working on how to expand their family.