Two of the most selfish people on daytime drama, "The Young and the Restless," are Billy and Phyllis. They became involved even though Phyllis was married to Billy's brother Jack. When the truth came out, family members were outraged. Jack and Phyllis divorced but Billy and his ex Victoria began slowly building new trust with each other. Recently Phyllis had been day dreaming about her former brother in law. She respected that he was trying to put things right with Victoria. When, however, Vicky recently shut Billy out, and would not let him in on a family secret, Billy relapsed.

He and Phyllis ended up in bed together.

Self indulged and self absorbed

Phyllis and Billy are now sneaking around like teenagers in lust. They know it's wrong, but they cannot help themselves. They are involved in a Dangerous Game that will once again hurt those they love. They don't, however, seem to care. Today, during a business luncheon, Billy and Phyllis ran into each other at a restaurant. With Victoria and others waiting at the table, Billy goes into the cloak room with Phyllis where they begin kissing. Cane, who is at odds with Billy on the job at "Brash and Sassy", overhears them, and a sneaky smile comes on his face. The pair was not even aware that he was listening.

The cradle will fall

Cain has been frustrated because Billy behaves like a spoiled brat on the job. Now he has ammunition, but will he use it? Billy and Phyllis have been hesitating, waiting for the right moment to tell their exes they are back together. Earlier in the day, Victoria opened up to Billy, apologizing for her behavior and seeking to know where there relationship might go from this point.

For a brief moment, it looked as if Billy would give in to his love for Victoria, and discard his lust for his brother's former wife. The moment did not last long. Billy let Vicky know that things should remain as they are. Selfishness rules with these two, and now he is making out with Phyllis against a coat rack, and both are oblivious to the fact that they are headed for a great fall.

The end result of being selfish

Whether Cain snitches, the duo comes clean themselves, or someone else finds out, Billy and Victoria's selfishness will hurt everyone close to them. Victoria's son Reed looks up to Billy as a father figure, and believes Billy and his mom have something special. Nikki and Nick will be livid because Vicky admitted to them she wanted another chance for a relationship with her ex. Victoria and Jack both will be hurt. They believed this torrid affair was behind them all. Old wounds that never really healed will reopen. All their loved ones will be affected, and Billy and Phyllis do not even care. The only one who will be happy will be Victoria's dad, Victor Newman who loves it when "Billy Boy" messes up.