Hey, "Reign" fans. We've got some big spoiler teasers to deliver to you guys for the upcoming episode 11 of the current season 4. Thanks to the wonderful people at The CW, we've got a couple of intense storylines to go over. It turns out that Darnley and Mary are going to set a plan into motion to take over England! Meanwhile, Catherine's son, Henri, will get support from Spain and Narcisse to take over the throne from Charles. We'll also be seeing Elizabeth get confused about Gideon, and more.

"Dead Of Night"

They started off by letting us know that the producers named this installment: "Dead of Night.” Wow, that sounds like a zombie title.

Anyways, getting into this official plot summary, they made sure to tell us, in all caps, that Mary is definitely going to launch a coup against Elizabeth at some point, so look for that crazy drama to occur.

Differing opinions

They certainly elaborated on that big introduction by explaining that Mary and Darnley are going to have some differing opinions at the moment. However, they won't be different enough to stop them from putting their big plan to seize England into motion! Will they successfully pull off the dramatic plan? Or will Elizabeth and company find a way to halt their attempts? They, of course, didn't spill the beans on that important piece of intel, so we'll have to wait until we can watch this episode to find out.

Confused and conflicted

Next, we've got another storyline that involves Elizabeth. Apparently, she's going to be all confused and conflicted about how she should feel about Gideon in the midst of her, trying to track down a proper Catholic to wed. Will she get things sorted out and pull herself together? Or will she continue to be a complete basket case?

One thing that we know for sure, is that her storylines will present some very drama-filled scenes.

Spain and Narcisse

Elsewhere, in a final teaser reveal, we're going to be seeing Catherine's son, Henri (played by guest star Nick Slater), in action, and it's going to be pretty major, as they tell us that he's going to attempt to take over the throne from Charles at some point, and will have the backing of both Spain and Narcisse to pull it off!

Will his attempts go off without a hitch? Or will he face much resistance? Again, they kept things very brief with this storyline, so that vital intel will remain a secret for now. Perhaps we might get to see some extra details in the new preview clip that we expect the CW to serve up later on, tonight, after episode 10 gets done airing. Be sure to look out for that, because the preview clips usually give a lot of extra info.

A couple of other characters

We'll also be seeing action from characters: James Earl of Moray, John Knox, Greer Norwood, and Princess Claude at some point as they tell us that all of their portrayers will be making an appearance. That also lets us know that there will be, at least, a few other storylines that weren't mentioned in the press release.

Also, this episode was directed by Deborah Chow, and the writing team of: Wendy Riss Gatsiounis and Drew Lindo delivered the script. Episode 11 is definitely set to air next Friday night, May 5th,2017 at 8pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.