Hey, "The Originals" peeps. We've got some very intense things that will be happening in this upcoming episode 7 of season 4, and we're about to share them with you in the form of a couple of spoiler teasers, straight from The CW. It sounds like things are just going to get downright out of hand as Freya tries to pull off a plan that's just so crazy risky that it ends up, putting her freaking life in total jeopardy! Then, since Vincent refuses to do a very dangerous spell, we'll be seeing Elijah try to go off on his own to deal with the Hollow!

There's also going to be a major protection spell casts at some point, and more.

"High Water and a Devil’s Daughter"

They gave this installment a pretty long and interesting title, calling it: "High Water and a Devil’s Daughter." They started things off by telling us that Frey and company are going to find out some more disturbing news that the Hollow's latest servant is out and about! This will prompt Freya to launch a big protection spell all over the entire, freaking compound! It's going to be so powerful that it will actually force Hayley, Klaus and Hope to stay inside of it. How long will they have to stay trapped inside of it? Will the new servant try to bust through? Those are a couple of big questions for this plot reveal.

Naturally, CW held back the answer to those questions, so we'll have to wait and watch the episode to find out.

A dangerous ritual

Next, we've got the Elijah and Vincent storyline, which lets us know that Vincent is going to refuse to pull off a very dangerous ritual or spell that Elijah needs to strengthen their defenses against this very wicked Hollow threat.

In light of this, we'll see Elijah react by trying to just take the whole situation into his own solo dolo hands. Will this prove to be a very bad idea? Or will Elijah actually be able to make some sort of headway? I don't think so, but who knows? Maybe he'll be able to pull something off.

Very intense plan

Lastly, we've arrived at our final storyline teaser that reveals, we'll be seeing more of Freya, doing her thing.

However, it could possible be to her detriment! Apparently, she's going to try and pull off some very intense plan that they tell us is so got damn risky that it could end up taking her life. It's going to pit her ,face to face, with their latest enemy. There's going to be a startling twist that comes about, causing all the deadly danger! Will Freya be able to escape getting herself killed once again? Or will this be her final swan song? We don't think so, but we'll have to wait it out, and watch this episode to be sure. I like Freya and hope that she can stick around.

Marcel to appear as well

They also let us know that Charles Michael Davis aka Marcel will be appearing in this episode, so look for some action from him.

He also made his directorial debut by directing this installment, and the writing credit went to the team of: Celeste Vasquez and Carina Adly MacKenzie. This one is scheduled to arrive next Friday night, May 5th,2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.