On yesterday's "The Young and the Restless", Victor Newman was read the riot act by wife Nikki. She told him he was no longer a part of the family in private settings. She said he could no longer sleep in their bed, and he was not to attend the 16th Birthday Party for their grandson Reed. Victor was lived, yet he complied. But in true Victor Newman style, the "Moustache" had an ace up his sleeve.

Victor's dilemma

Victor is in the dog house because his family found out he framed his son Adam for murder. And through a chain of related events, Adam was murdered.

Nikki, Nick ad Victoria made a pact, to keep the secret because if the truth comes out, it will impact Newman Enterprises, and other business ventures. Victor is somewhat at the mercy of his family but determined to show he truly is still the boss. He always has to one up everyone else and show that he has the power.

A family affair minus Mr. Newman

Reed's birthday party was held at "The Underground." Nikki told him that his grandfather had a business engagement that could not be broken. Most everyone else in the family was in attendance, Nikki lets Victoria know that she put her foot down with Victor. Just when things were winding down, a courier brings Reed an envelope. There is a note from his grandfather.

In the message, Victor apologizes for his absence and tells his grandson, that the teen has one more gift. Everyone follows Reed outside, where they find that Victor has purchased his grandson a brand new car.

With one vehicle, Victor has gained a double victory. He does love his grandson and wants the best for him, but he also likes to stick it those who cross him.

As Reed expressed his joy Nikki, Victoria and Billy were speechless; They knew right away that this was more a ploy than a love gift. The long arm of Victor Newman reached and touched the situation; He found a way to keep himself inserted into the middle of his family anyway,

Nikki and Vicki will pay the price

Nikki will no doubt give her spouse a piece of her mind, for purchasing an expensive vehicle for their grandson.

She will be angry that Victor found a way to communicate with the birthday boy. Reed and his mom Vicki will have heated words because she will want him to give the car back. Victor will point out that he has a right to give his grandson a gift. Nikki and Victoria will be in Victors grasp once more. They actually were never out of it. They should know by now; they will always be within Victor;s grasp.