Billy Abbot and Victoria Newman are a modern day Romeo and Juliet. They are a couple that fans are rooting for, on CBS' "The Young and the Restless." Their families have been at war for decades. Billy's brother Jack and Victoria's dad Victor hate each other. This dynamic keeps this couple apart more than they are together.

Star crossed lovers

Years ago, Billy and Victoria ended up on the same island together. After a few drinks they got married. They returned home to Genoa City, and had the marriage annulled. Later they realized they were in love, and had a real wedding, much to their families dismay.

Because of the Newman Abbot war, these two have been married and divorced several times. Their personal demons also come into play. And the star crossed lovers separate yet again.

Victoria is driven to prove to her father Victor that she is every bit the business woman, just as he is a business mogul. Her need to impress her dad causes friction with her ex. Billy is considered the black sheep of his family. His addictions to gambling, alcohol and infidelity overpower him. Every time it looks like he and Victoria will make it, either Billy destroys her trust, or her father Victor sets some scheme in motion that causes problems.

Destined to be together, yet something always gets in the way

From their first unexpected encounter on the Island, Billy and Victoria seemed destined for true love.

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" love them together. Unfortunately there is always something that gets in their way. This time around Billy's mother Jill intervened. She purchased "Brash and Sassy," then hired her son Cain and Victoria to run the company together.

The trio had some bumps in the corporate world, but eventually fell into a pattern of working together smoothly.

Victoria and Billy began a different type of relationship, by becoming friends. When Vickie's teenage son Reed came back to town, he got along with his step dad better than his mother. The relationship began to blossom once more, and the couple even kissed. Before they could take it to the next level, Victoria learned a secret about her father Victor, that she decided to keep from Billy.

He could see the tension, but when he asked her what was wrong, his ex pushed him away.

Billy decided that he could never be the man that Victoria decided, so he returned to his brother Jack's ex wife Phyllis. The two had a previous affair that rocked the city and tore their families apart. Now, however, the duo are being selfish. They are not thinking about Jack who will be angry, or Victoria who will be heart broken. Billy and Phyllis are their own worst enemies. And leap into situations without thinking of consequences.

On Wednesday's preview for Thursday, Phyllis is telling Jack she is sleeping with his brother again. This means Billy must be telling Victoria, who had been expecting to get back with her ex. Vickie has watched her mom Nikki forgive her father time and time again. Will she do the same for Billy and take him back after he and Phyllis implode? Only time will tell.